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Met Anna

Winner of the 48 HOUR FILM FESTIVAL Amsterdam 2009 Public award / best male actor / best director / best film Category: Mokumentary Director: Kim Visser Script: Nina Aaldering Production: Naomi Bais Camera: Michel Mölder Sound: Marcel van Stralendorff Gaffer / Camera ass: Tim Kerbosch Prod. ass: Annie Manueke / Sunaina Mahabier Music: Jelle Amersfoort […]

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Ik weet het

IK WEET HET Een korte film gemaakt tijdens de finale van het 48 Hour Film Project. Beste mannelijke Acteur // Best Sounddesign Nominatie beste actrice // Nominatie beste Regie // Nominatie mooiste titelrol Starring: Rosa Mechanicus & Wieger Windhorst

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Comme tu veux

We decided to participate in the 48 Hour Film Project and took on the challenge of creating a movie from beginning to end within 48 hours. With a superb cast & crew consisting of highly experienced, talented and ambitious creative people, we managed to surpass our wildest dreams and created ‘Comme Tu Veux’. In our […]

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director Wiam Al-Zabari

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