Comme tu veux

We decided to participate in the 48 Hour Film Project and took on the challenge of creating a movie from beginning to end within 48 hours. With a superb cast & crew consisting of highly experienced, talented and ambitious creative people, we managed to surpass our wildest dreams and created ‘Comme Tu Veux’. In our opinion this 48th hour little pressure cooker was a perfect example of ‘collaborative communication’.

Comme tu Veux is nominated 4 times for:

Best Cinematography
Best acting female
Best Sound Design
Best Music

We got the film genre ‘Film Noir’ and the mandatory elements were:
Character – Marcel or Marcia Rosenberg, Mr./Ms. Empathy
Prop – Megaphone
Line of Dialogue – “Hoeveel gracht heb je nodig dan?” (“How many canals do you need?”)

Written & directed by
Rodger Beekman, Hans van Nood, Patrick van Haperen

Director of Photography
Nico Hovingh

Jonathan Mechanicus

Ramon Tiernagan

Styling / visagie / setdressing
Caroline Pluym

60 layers of cake


Fatale Femme
Dorine Henning

Marcel Rosenberg
Gjalt Lindeboom

Jeroen M. Roosenbeek

Woman at window
Sophia Djoa

A special thanks to

MacGyver Post / Rinie Jansen
MacGyver Post / Eric Smit
MacGyver Post / Jan Willem Bloem
Levi Hovingh
Arjan van Klinken

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